Coffee AND Mission…at the same time!

Ok, I have to admit…I like coffee.  You probably know that.  You see me walking around church with my giant Mickey Mouse coffee cup.  And, in the church world, we make jokes about Lutherans drinking their coffee.  (It must be true…we go through quite a bit on Sunday mornings!)

So as a coffee lover and a pastor, I’m really excited that Trinity is upgrading its coffee this month.  We’re switching over from just the regular grocery store brand, to something new.  We’re now getting our coffee through Lutheran World Relief.

Lutheran World Relief provides all kinds of support and resources in nations that are developing.  They provide relief in parts of the world that have experienced disasters and drought, and they work in areas that have been struck by drought…or flooding.  They work with farmers to help them with farming techniques that will allow them to grow more, and with small businesses to grow and develop.  Trinity’s quilting group has donated quilts to LWR in the past, which are given to people in need all over the world.

In LWR’s work, they discovered that many of the farmers that were growing coffee were selling to large, international corporations for a fraction of what that coffee would be sold for in other parts of the world.  The return to the farmer was much lower than what other farmers would receive for their crops, for the same investment and amount of work.  Coffee

So Lutheran World Relief began working directly with the farmers to buy the coffee beans, and then to sell them in the United States through Lutheran churches.  Much of what they sell is to individuals.  But they also sell in bulk to congregations for their use.

And the cost of the coffee to the consumer is only slightly higher than what you’d pay for the same size container of Folgers, or another name brand.  And the coffee is better!

This video shares a bit more from the perspective of the farmer:


I’m excited that we are going to be a part of this ministry.  I’m excited that we are participating in farmers receiving fair pay for their crops.  I’m excited that we are supporting Lutheran World Relief.  And I’m excited that we all get to drink better coffee at church.

So hey, next time you grab a cup at church, feel good about what we’re sharing in.  It’s more than just coffee.

(Now, where did I put my Mickey cup?)

Pastor Todd

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