This Changes Everything

The resurrection changes everything


The resurrection of Jesus Christ has been called the single-most significant event in human history.  It has been called the event that changed our relationship with God, and with each other.  It has been called the event that shifted the way that humans think about the way they relate to the world.

The cross changes everything.

This week, we are launching a 4-week sermon series called “This Changes Everything.”  Each week, we are going to take a look at a different way that God reaches out to us and guides our lives.  We are going to look at:

  • God’s call
  • The gift of hope
  • The gift of love
  • Jesus Christ

This past summer, Trinity sent 50 people to be a part of the ELCA Youth Gathering, which focused on this theme, and each of the four items we’re focusing on was one of the daily themes of the Gathering.

Trinity’s group at the ELCA Youth Gathering this summer

So for the next month, I am going to have co-preachers.  I’ve invited one of the young people to share what they discovered this summer (and throughout life) about the topic for that weekend.  These sermons won’t be about the Gathering, but rather through the lens of the Gathering, our young people are going to share what they have processed about these gifts of God.  They will share the first-half of the sermon, and then I will do the second half.

And at week 4 of our service, the youth band from Trinity that led music at our Synod Day of the Gathering is going to provide music in worship!

For by grace you have been saved by faith.  This is not your own doing, it is a gift from God.  – Ephesians 2:8

The gifts of salvation, new life, forgiveness and love come not from within ourselves.  They come completely from Jesus on the cross.  And from that cross, everything flows.

Look forward to the next month, when we are going to discover exactly how Jesus changes everything.

God’s Peace,
Pastor Todd

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