A Wonderful Announcement Regarding Pastor Amanda!

Today I am writing with wonderful news!

Pastor Amanda and Paul

Pastor Amanda and Paul Floy are very excited to announce their engagement to be married.  Their wedding will happen here at Trinity on Friday, June 7.

They are both very happy, and we are all thrilled for them.

People may ask questions like: “Does this mean Pastor Amanda will be leaving Trinity?”  The answer is no. Pastor Amanda will remain here, and they plan on making their home in Owatonna.  While this will mark significant changes in both of their lives, Pastor Amanda’s ministry at Trinity, and Paul’s work as a doctor at the hospital will continue.

We give thanks to God whenever and wherever love is born.  Today we are especially thankful for these two friends of all of ours, and that the Holy Spirit has led them to each other.

Please join me in congratulating them!

Pastor Todd

12 thoughts on “A Wonderful Announcement Regarding Pastor Amanda!

  1. We are thrilled Amanda! So excited for the two of you! May God bless you and Paul with abundant love, happiness and joy! Enjoy the excitement of preparation for your special day. Love you always! Roger & Josie

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