Mission Jamaica Day 3 – Monday

Abbigail and Anni writing tonight’s blog post

Today, I’m excited to introduce two of our team members who will “guest blog” for us.  Abbigail (grade 10) and Anni (Grade 8) Moran.  Thanks to them for sharing!

Today, our group went to both the West Haven site and the JABODE site. I (Abbigail) went to the JABODE site where we were beginning to build a house for one of the workers at West Haven.

There was a big pile of rock that we had to shovel into buckets and carry or pass down aDSC_0033 small hill to fill the foundation. It was fun and hard work and we were able to connect with the people from the other church and some other helpers while we worked.

Afterwards we started painting some of the boards that will be the siding of the house. It felt like I was just over at a neighbors house helping them with a home project.

Unfortunately it started raining and some of the paint washed off of the boards and we had to leave early. Already after the first day I’m hoping that I can save up to come on the Mission Jamaica trip again.

DSC_0034On the other hand, I (Anni) was able to help out at the West Haven site, with a group of others. This was our first work day and I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

We started the day by going to different cottages and helped feeding the residents. After that, we got to play and spend time with the people there. Some colored, some went for walks, and some just sat and talked.

A few of our workers, worked on digging a hole to put a septic tank in. We all worked hard and had a good day. The rain brought us inside and unfortunately the hole they were digging was filled with water.DSC_0043

Tonight in devotions we talked about joy. I found joy through the residents at West Haven because no matter what they all have a smile on their face and their joy was very contagious. I am so excited for the next days when we return.

The hole before the rain

Thanks Abbigail and Anni!  We can all be very grateful for, and proud of, our young people on this trip.  They are leaders, and they have all been amazing!

We remain thankful for all of your prayers!  It means a lot to our group to know that we are being prayed for.  Every night when we gather for devotions, we talk about where and how we have seen God.  We know that God works within and through your prayers.

The hole after the rain

One other quick note:  Every night when we meet for devotions, we use a devotional guidebook with scripture and questions.  I’m very grateful to Sydney Sampson, a Trinity member, first-year college student, Mission Jamaica alumni and all-around awesome person for writing the devotions this year.  If you’re interested in seeing our devotional booklet, you can see it here:  MJ Devotional 2019

Click here to see all of the Mission Jamaica 2019 Trip Photos

Pastor Todd


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