We Welcome Jolayne Mohs to Trinity’s Staff

This week, we welcomed Jolayne Mohs to the Trinity staff. Jolayne is taking on a new role in the life of our community: “Director of Outreach.” 

Initially, Jolayne will take responsibility for the “Beds for Kids” program. This ministry has provided beds for children in the community whose life circumstances have forced them to share a bed, or to sleep on the couch or on the floor. Up to 150 beds are given every year in Steele and Waseca county. Until 2021, Beds for Kids was a stand-alone non-profit organization serving the community. However they approached Trinity about incorporating Beds for Kids into the church ministry.

Jolayne will take the lead on this important ministry, working with families, vendors and the church and community volunteers.

We anticipate that in the next year, this role will expand to provide leadership for other Trinity outreach ministries as we work to develop the concept of a “Community Resource Center.” Eventually, Trinity’s ministries that relate to hunger and homelessness will all fit under this umbrella.

While we are excited for Jolayne to take on this critical role, it does mean that we will be thanking Elizabeth Malo for her time on our staff as she steps into retirement. Elizabeth has worked at Trinity for two years, first helping to develop our hospitality ministry, and then as the staff lead as Trinity brought Beds for Kids “under our roof.” She has done a fantastic job and has been a joy to work with. Her commitment and passion have made a wonderful difference in our community and our congregation.

So we welcome Jolayne, and we say “thank you” to Elizabeth. When you see Jolayne, please welcome her to this important ministry and when you see Elizabeth, please thank her for her great work.

God is never done. God continues to work and the Holy Spirit continues to blow through this place as our ministries grow and develop. It is exciting to see what God is up to as we move forward in mission.

God’s peace friends!
Pastor Todd

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