Trinity’s Updated Mask and COVID Policies

Hello friends!

This past weekend, we promised you that we would let you know as soon as possible how the new (and unexpected) COVID and mask guidelines would affect our life together as a congregation.  Our leadership teams have met and formulated new plans for Trinity and a timeline moving forward.

Of course, if we’ve learned nothing else in the last 14 months, we’ve learned that all of our plans need to be labeled as “tentative.”  The situation can shift suddenly.  So please recognize that these decision may need to be shifted depending on the circumstances.  

Please understand that regardless of the lifting of these limitations, Trinity will continue to encourage those who have not yet been vaccinated to wear masks.  

Our online worship during the 9:30am hour will continue indefinitely.  We are evaluating how and when we will re-start the Saturday evening worship service.  More information on this will be coming.

Effective immediately:

  • Masks will be optional for those attending worship.
  • There will be no group size limitations in worship services, weddings or funerals and we will not require social distancing.  
  • We will no longer be asking worshippers to “sign in” for the worship service.
  • The seating configuration for the 10:45am contemporary service will be returned to “normal.”
  • Masks will be optional for musicians who are leading worship.
  • The Trinity staff will continue to wear masks in the church building while the Trinity Preschool is in session.  The state department of health has been very clear that because children are not vaccinated, school teachers and staff should remain masked.  Our entire staff will honor that requirement.
  • Before and after the school day and on weekends, masks will be optional for Trinity staff.
  • The requirement for Trinity staff to wear masks will end when the Trinity Preschool term concludes on May 28.  After that, masks will be optional.
  • The physical barriers that have been set up to create distance will be removed and the signage in the building will be changed to reflect the new guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizer and masks will continue to be made available at the entries to the building.
  • Drinking fountains in the building will be reactivated.
  • Coffee will again be available following worship. (Thanks be to God!)

Effective June 6

  • We will resume using lay readers in the worship services
  • We will resume passing the offering plate

Effective July 4

  • We will return to offering the sacrament of Holy Communion in worship from the front of the Sanctuary with actual bread and wine/grape juice and with volunteer servers.  
  • The small communion cups we have been using during the pandemic will still be available at the back of the Sanctuary for those who prefer to use those.
  • Those small communion cups will also be available to pick up for use if you are worshipping online.

Effective September 12

  • We will be resuming the use of acolytes as worship assistants.
  • Donuts will also be made available between worship services.
  • Trinity’s nursery/childcare will be staffed and available for during worship.

This is a lot of change in a short amount of time.  And we recognize that not everyone will be comfortable with these shifts happening so quickly.  We are committed to doing these things as carefully as we can.

The last 14 months have given us an opportunity to learn new ways for us to show the love of Christ to our neighbor.  We have been committed to that idea.  It hasn’t always been easy or pleasant.  But it has been important.

Now as we move into a new, more “open” future, we remain committed to this ideal.  All will be welcome at Trinity.  And we have faith that as God has seen us through this health crisis, God will continue to be with us in the days to come.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
God’s blessings,
Pastor Todd

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