Thank You and Godspeed Pastor Cindy!

On September 28, Pastor Cindy completed her work as a visitation pastor at Trinity. 

Pastor Cindy

 In addition to her part-time work at Trinity, she has also worked for two years for an organization called LeaderWise.  LeaderWise works to support congregations and pastors from many different Christian denominations.  They provide counseling, coaching leadership development and conflict resolution.  

For awhile now, LeaderWise has been in conversation with Pastor Cindy about increasing her hours to meet the growing need.  And while she loves Trinity, and didn’t want to leave our pastoral team, she has felt that doing this important work helping congregations was where God’s call was leading her.  

On October 1, Pastor Cindy began her work at LeaderWise full-time.

We are very grateful to Pastor Cindy for her amazing work at Trinity over the last 2+ years.  While most of her time has been working with pastoral care and visitation, she also has preached, led small groups and taught.

While Pastor Amanda was out on leave after William was born, Pastor Cindy stepped in to help fill the gaps. We will always be grateful to Pastor Cindy for going above and beyond during this time.

There are not words to adequately thank Pastor Cindy.  God planted her here in our midst at the exact right time.  Her gifts of care and preaching, and her kind and gentle spirit, brought care and love to the people of Trinity.

We pray God’s blessings on Pastor Cindy as she steps full-time into this new role.  And we pray for all of the pastors, church leaders and congregations who her ministry will touch in the days to come.

Trinity’s Personnel Commission is working now to assess our pastoral care needs and to identify the best possible staffing plan moving forward to ensure that the needs of the congregation are met.  We will keep the congregation informed as decisions are made.

Thank you, Pastor Cindy, for your graceful, and faith-filled work, and God’s blessings on your new ministry!

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