Worshiping at Trinity: Mason City

On Sunday, Lori and I drove down to Mason City, Iowa to worship at Trinity Lutheran Church. The senior pastor there, Rev. Dan Gerrietts, and his wife, Molly, are good friends of Lori’s and mine. So in addition to worshiping there, we got to spend a little time with them.

Trinity Mason City is a congregation that is very similar to Trinity of Owatonna. We are similar in size and style of ministry.

We were excited worship with them outdoors, at their outdoor worship space. It was a beautiful day and the setting was amazing. There is something pretty great about being able to worship outside and feeling connected to God’s creation.

We have visited and seen their outdoor worship space before, and we have taken inspiration from them in thinking about and designing the outdoor worship space we would like to develop at Trinity. In Mason City, they worship outdoors every week during the summer (weather permitting) at the 9:00am worship time and it is by far the biggest worship service they have during the summer.

The music was good, the sermon was great and their hospitality was wonderful.

After worship, Molly and her daughter Leah gave Lori and I a tour of the church. This past year, they completed a building renovation to improve the flow, to create gathering space and to increase accessibility.

The worship on Sunday reminded me of the connected nature of being church together. Even though we are different congregations, the two Trinity churches are linked. Yes, by our denominational ties. But even more by a common Spirit. God’s Holy Spirit brings God’s people together. And I am reminded that we have friends and siblings in faith in Mason City, as well as in other congregations in Owatonna…in our synod…in our state and nation and around the world.

We are church together. Thanks to God for our good friends in Mason City, and at our partner congregations wherever we go.

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