A better way…

“Resurrected” people are the ones who have found a better way by prayerfully bearing witness against injustice and evil—while also agreeing compassionately to hold their own complicity in that same evil. It is not over there—it is here. It is our problem, not theirs. The Risen Christ, not accidentally, still carries the wounds in his hands and side. The question becomes: How can I know the greater truth, work through the anger, and still be a life-giving presence?”

Rev. Richard Rohr; Center for Action and Contemplation. https://cac.org/daily-meditations/the-zealots-and-the-pharisees-2022-07-12/

Richard Rohr writes that the human tendency is either “fight” or “flight.” We react with defensiveness or anger, or pain. Or, we run.

But there is a third way that integrates both fight and flight.

We fight from a God-centered place within us. We fight by standing up for those in need. We fight by speaking out against injustice. We fight in a way that brings change but does not dehumanize or destroy. We fight for change. And at the same time, we run. We run from the quick response. We run from our egos, which make conflict about us instead of the issues we face.

This is a tension…a tension only the work of the Holy Spirit can resolve within us.

This is a better way. This is the better way.

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