Worshiping at: St. Andrew Lutheran in Eden Prairie

This morning, Lori and I had the opportunity to worship at Saint Andrew Lutheran in Eden Prairie (not to be confused with St. Andrew’s Lutheran in Mahtomedi, where I worshipped last weekend). This was the final of my sabbatical worship experiences away from Trinity.

The Sanctuary at St. Andrew

I would describe the worship at St. Andrew as orthodox and traditional. While the music was contemporary, the worship service had many of the standard liturgical elements.

While there was nothing distinct or unique about the service, I appreciated that the elements were all done with intentionality and were done well.

I have appreciated the opportunity to see a wide variety of worship services and styles. I’ve been thinking in particular a lot about worship at Trinity, our contemporary service in particular. The challenge is to create a service that speaks God’s truth in language and music that is accessible and participatory, and to maintain the integrity of worship through the Lutheran lens.

I’m certain that it will spark lots of conversations for us in upcoming months!

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