Mission Jamaica Day 7 – Friday


Today was a day of rest.  And it was deeply appreciated.

Our team had a great, low-key day today.

Much of the day was spent in or near the water.  People could be found napping/reading and talking about the experiences in which they shared this week.

DSC_0264At 3pm, we met to take a bus downtown where we took a catamaran trip out into Montego Bay.  We rode around for awhile before dropping anchor and spending some time snorkeling.

We returned to the hotel and met at 7pm for our closing devotions, where we talked about the amazing experiences we shared in this week, and where we saw God at work.  It was rich conversation.  It has been really fun to watch this group (and really, the two groups, coming from two different congregations) come together and build community.

DSC_0294We talked about the importance of trust.  We can leave the children of Westhaven, trusting that God is with them.  We trust the house mothers, we trust the Westhaven staff.  We trust the next mission teams who are visiting and spending time with them.  We trust Jeff, Paige and the Mission Jamaica organization.

We trust.

And ultimately we trust in the promises of God, made real in Jesus.  And so tonight we closed our time together receiving the gift of God’s promises in the bread and wine of communion.

DSC_0309After devotions, some of us went to dinner in the main restaurant.  Others scattered to different restaurants.  But there are plans to gather again later tonight in the lobby to play games and spend time together.   This is a sign of a community that is well-built.

Thank you for following along on our adventures this week.  God has been at work here.  It is clear to me.  I’ll post one more short update tomorrow night after we arrive at home.

And thank you for keeping our team in your prayers.  It has meant a lot to us to know that there are people praying for us.  Please continue to pray for the children of Westhaven.  Please continue to pray fro Luverne and her daughter in their new home.  And pray for our journey home tomorrow!  We are excited to see friends and family.

Click here to see all of the Mission Jamaica 2019 photos.

And if you’re interested, Mission Jamaica 2020 is tentatively scheduled for March 21-28, 2020!

God’s peace,
Pastor Todd

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